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“The New Life Church exists to make Jesus Christ known and expand His
Kingdom from this city to the nations through the inspired teaching and
preaching of the bible, demonstration of His power and means of practical


“Our mission is to see city transformation and well being through spiritual awakening.We are a church that meets peoples spiritual, emotional and physical needs through practical teaching and help. We provide a safe, loving and fun place for children and youth to learn more about God and how to excel in life. We strive to stay connected to our surrounding community by using creative ways to communicate our message utilizing media, social media, internet.”

core values
These are our DNA the things that we want to be known for

presence of God

We believe that church is the House of the Lord, where He is the focal point of everything that we do. He is to be worshipped and ministered in His church. In order to effectively minister to the community around us, we need to first learn to minister unto God . The core of church gatherings is to worship and minister unto God, to experience and to be in His presence. This is the very starting place for all other ministries.
Scripture reference:
Exodus 33:11 // 1 Sam 3:1 // Acts 13:2


We value and believe in the freedom of the Spirit in a local church. God is God, and we let Him move as He wants, even if He does things that we don’t understand at that very moment. As we give room to Holy Spirit, with time we will also see fruit by His work.
● We believe in the freedom to be who we have been created to be. God created us all different, it is God’s design. As such, each person will be honoured, valued, and celebrated.

Scripture reference: 
1Th 5:16-21, Gal 5:1


God is a God of government and honour, we believe as followers of Christ, we are called to show honour and value to: Our authorities (governmental leaders, city leaders, officials),
The leaders of the church, Our parents, elderly
We believe that, as the bible teaches, church leaders, and ministers in the word are to receive double honour. 
Maintaining a culture of honour is a key element to seeing God move among us, dishonouring what God honours creates a culture of unbelief. (Matt 13:55-58). We believe that church is to have an atmosphere of honour, where everyone is treated with honour just as they are, nevertheless not avoiding conflicts but speaking truth in love.

Scripture reference: 
Matt 13:55-58, 1 Tim 5:17, Romans 13:1


We believe church should be a representation of God’s family. Families are important and it needs to be show in the way that we “do church”.
● Family is a place where you can be yourself, with your sorrows and joys.
● We believe that God can and does use women as well as men. and that both women and men have important roles in ministry.
● We believe that one of the primary reasons the local church exists, is to reach those who are not yet in a church.
● We believe it is vital to the future of a local church to create a church culture that “speaks” to people whom we are trying to reach.


We believe that missions is an important part of healthy church life. We do not only exist for ourselves, but for the cause of Jesus. The ways we “do” missions change from time to time, but the calling stays same.

Scripture reference: 
Matt 28:19 / Acts 1:8


God is a generous God and we as believers and the local church are called into this as a lifestyle.

Scripture reference: 
John 3:16


Character is more important than gifting.  “Faithful, Available, Teachable” (FAT)

Scripture reference: 
Phil 2:5-8 / John 13:12-17